Ideas are garbage,
Execution is everything.

Marketing is the message.
Advertising is the delivery method.

You only have six seconds
to capture a potential buyer.

Your new marketing team

We are your entire marketing department – including the Chief Marketing Officer. The only difference? You don’t have to worry about spending a fortune on the payroll, taxes, benefits, equipment, training, and turnover associated with having it all in house. All of the experts – none of the headaches.

Business Growth Hacking

Are you prepared to handle the influx in business that a strong marketing strategy, website and public relations approach can bring you? Our business consulting team can help you rebuild your sales funnel and sales process and ensure that your team is as ready to grow as you are.

Public Relations Expertise

The “press release” is dead. Public relations of today is all about creating a hybrid model of a social targeting campaign with the right connections in the media and a strong understanding of exactly what it is that the media needs. Stop wondering why your competition is in the news cycle and you aren’t.

Web Developement

You can’t afford to have a website that’s underperforming. Our web development team fuses incredibly cutting-edge and user-friendly technology with distinguished visuals that mean extremely functional meets massively sexy…whether you’re looking to launch an education site or a full e-commerce online company.

Lets Start

Stand Out from The crowd

If you’re looking for a team that’s going to subscribe to the “yes man” philosophy, we’re not for you. We’re aggressive. We’re outrageous. We’re contrarian. We will push the envelope and we will challenge conventional wisdom. But once you see the light, you’ll never look back.


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Every company needs a Chief Marketing Officer – but how many can actually afford to have this position in house? We started The Silent Partner Marketing to fill the position of a Chief Marketing Officer or Director of Marketing and all of the support staff…at a fraction of the price.

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