LinkedIn Hacks To Grow Your Business

Grow your business with these LinkedIn hacks.

These are some of the best and least known "hacks" for using LinkedIn.  Use them today and watch your business grow...or find the job you've been looking for.


It's a term that's become wildly overused.  "Hacks".  Somehow the idea of hacking went from being something that gets you arrested to something that gets you bonus points in life.

So hell - let's run with it.  Here are some LinkedIn "hacks" that you may not have known about to help you grow your business in 2015.

1.  There's a great plug-in for Google Chrome called "LinkedIn 1st Degree Connection Search".  It lets you search connections through your connections.

2.  Remove the randoms.  You can search through a list of around a dozen possible viewers when someone looks at your profile but it doesn't say who it is.  So here's the trick.  Snap a screenshot of the potential viewers and then check back the next day, doing the same thing.  The list will change - but the person who actually viewed your profile will remain.  Take that, LinkedIn gods.

3.  Forget the fees.  If you want to message 2nd or 3rd degree connections but you don't want to pay the premium, join a group that they are also in.  You'll be able to get in touch with them without having to pay the big bucks.  *Crosses fingers that LinkedIn doesn't cancel my account for revealing this.*

4.  OR pay by the month.  LinkedIn allows you to upgrade your account on a monthly basis.  So upgrade for the the deeds...make your connections...and downgrade again.  It's like for those looking to get lucky in the business world.

5.  Use Rapportive.  It's a gmail plugin that replaces ads with the LinkedIn profile of the person emailing you.  You're welcome.

6.  Claim your custom URL. is a lot cooler than random letters and numbers and it also holds greater search value.

7.  Use smart SEO for LinkedIn.  Incorporate the relevant and appropriate keywords based on what you do and the services you offer and make sure your profile is 100% complete.  Whether you're hoping to be found by recruiters or by other professionals, it's a simple way of maximizing your searchability.

8.  Tap into Google to get last names.  Ever have someone's first name and the first letter of their last name show up in the LinkedIn search?  I'll bet it drives you nuts.  Simple solution here.  Take the first name, last initial, position and location and dump it all into Google.  Watch as their full name magically appears on the search results page - with the link back to their LinkedIn profile.

9.  Fix your mistakes without notifying the world.  Right hand side of your profile - there's a little switch.  "Notify your network".  If you want to make a correction on your profile without it becoming public that you made the change, make sure it's switched to "no".  Otherwise you may find yourself being congratulated on leaving a job that you actually left 10 years ago.  Awkward.

10.  See who has been viewing your LinkedIn profile.  If they are checking you out every single day, one of two things is going on.  Either A) they are interested in you for business purposes or B) they are interested in you for some slightly less than appropriate purposes.  The next move is up to you.