How Sony Blew A Marketing Gold Mine

Read how Sony blew a marketing gold mine.

We're always preaching the concept of outrageous marketing.

In an extraordinarily noisy digital world, you need to make your brand stand out.  Some businesses have more of an opportunity than others to do some outrageous marketing.  Sony is a prime example this week as it deals with a hacking scandal.

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Accents, Marketing and Handshakes - Are We Doing It Wrong?

Marketing to your customers by using an accent.

When I was a teenager, my family moved from New Jersey to Massachusetts.

If you've never been to Massachusetts, it's a state where everyone talks funny.  They say "wicked" a lot - and they aren't talking about witches.  I mean, come on - they can't even pronounce the name of their star city.  "Baaaa-stin"?  Where the hell is that?

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While You Were Burning Down Stores These Guys Were Protecting Our Family

Social media marketing and a tribute to police.

I put on the news this morning and saw yet another story with protestors bashing police.  The interview was being done in the middle of what looked like a war zone - the surrounding businesses had been looted and several lit on fire.

After the two recent announcements that there would be no indictments against two officers involved in the deaths of civilians, there's been a lot of outrage.  There's been a massive amount of anti-police sentiment.

And while were trying to "raise awareness" by looting and burning down buildings last night, my family was being protected by some of the finest in Manchester, Connecticut.

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How Your Social Media Is Sabotaging Your Marketing

How you're doing social media wrong.

Someone needs to slap the majority of "new age social media people" across the back of the head.

Social media is about being social.  It's not about regurgitating your lousy elevator pitch all over my newsfeed.

I just finished an entirely non-scientific study that ended with a bottle of wine being consumed...and a huge headache - NOT from the wine.  Why?

Of the last 250 people that followed me on Twitter, I immediately upon following them back received 174 direct messages from people with why I need to buy their product.

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How To Fail At Selling

How to fail at selling - by The Silent Partner Marketing.

It seems that every single day I read one or two articles about the struggles of salespeople trying to get meetings with the presidents or decision makers of companies.

Yesterday, I read a piece by a colleague talking about how the president of one company actually has a "Wall of Shame" for salespeople.

I read.  I sip my coffee.  I think about how difficult it must be.

Then I proceed to delete the 9 messages left on my phones from salespeople.  Yes - usually without listening to them.

GASP.  What a jerk.  Don't worry - I'm ready for it.  I'm sure you're going to give me grief in the comments below.  But here's what you need to know.  I'm not here to mock you.  I'm here to help you.  So with that being said, I want to give you a few tips and tricks for how to fail at selling.  Follow these tips and you'll do great.  Ignore these tips and you just may get an opportunity to pitch the decision makers at the businesses you're trying to target.

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How NOT To Respond To A Bad Review

How Yelp can help or hurt a small business: by The Silent Partner Marketing

There's not a single business owner out there who likes to see a bad review.

But in what is sure to become a classic lesson on how NOT to respond, a business owner in Midtown Manhattan found himself...dialing back...his response.

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My Love-Hate Relationship with Starbucks - A Marketing Lesson

The marketing lesson we learned from Starbucks.

I have this ongoing love-hate relationship with Starbucks.  This week, there's a little of both.

Some weeks I hate Starbucks because of the amount of times I find myself drawn to their caffeine like a drug addict looking for a fix.

Some weeks I hate Starbucks because the allure of a girly frap calls to me like a bug zapper to a mosquito.

Some weeks I hate Starbucks because I looked at my American Express card and found I'd spent more money on coffee than I had on my wedding.

But this week I hate Starbucks because they bridged a gap between strangers.

Huh?  Allow me to explain.

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Dealing With A Public Relations Outbreak

How to deal with a public relations outbreak.

Many small businesses try for years to get media exposure.  Some succeed and are proud to see their company featured in the newspaper or the evening news.  Others fall short - wondering why they can't seem to catch the eyes of journalists.  Others end up making headlines - for all of the wrong reasons.

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